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Project Group "Application of IEC 61850 - Electrical Substation Control"

In the context of smart grids the International Standard IEC 61850 - Standard for the design of Electrical Substation Automation - is becoming increasingly important. Was initially intended only for controlling the distribution of electrical energy, for example, in transformer stations, one sees today it is used more and more in all stations or devices in which the power supply and power consumption must be controlled. These include controls in the industrial automation, smart meters with control options, but also in home control. One shortcoming of this standard is that no security mechanisms and protocol elements are provided that support confidentiality, authentication / verification of the origin of the data and ensure data integrity.

This project is designed to examine the content of the standard and its present and possible future significance. The proposals to integrate security mechanisms are developed. Parts of the standards should then be prototypically implemented including additional security mechanisms. For this purpose, open source software can be used.

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Christoph Ruland

Project Group "Designing and development of a metering gateway"

In connection with the Energy Act, smart metering and smart grids, the energy measurement devices such as meters for electricity and gas will be connected via gateways. For these gateways apply Protection Profile (PP), which have been written by BSI apply. In addition, these gateways need to be evaluated by the Common Criteria, to see if they satisfy the safety requirements. These include the generation of digital signatures, random number generation, access control, etc. In this project group it should be worked out which security and implementation requirements arise from the Protection Profile and the evaluation requirements. Then a concept for a basic unit of a gateway and the associated documentation is to be created that are required by the Common Criteria for evaluation. If possible a prototype gateway is to be developed, probably for a gas meter.

Prerequisite: degree in electrical engineering or computer science with focus on information security

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Christoph Ruland