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Master/Bachelor Projects

We offer Bachelors and Masters thesis project in the field of CMOS analogue circuit design, Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and Nonlinear dynamics. Recent projects have included wireless mobile phone charger systems, remote camera controller, reconfigurable shoes as well as machine-to-machine communication systems. In future, we will be offering projects on Neural networks design in CMOS, quantum computation circuits as well as digital camera circuits.

We typically design these projects around the skills, experience and knowledge of the student. If you are interested in undertaking your bachelors or masters thesis in our chair, contact the following persons based on your interests


Bachelors thesis in German

  • Herr Christian Schilmöller ( christian.schilmoeller@uni-siegen.de)

Masters Thesis 

  • CMOS Imaging Circuits - Frau Soumya Panda (soumya.panda@uni-siegen.de)
  • Micro/nano fabrication of pixels and AI Circuits - Herr Zidu Li (zidu.li@uni-siegen.de)
  • Analogue Circuits, including AI design - Herr Moin Diwan (moin.diwan@uni-siegen.de)
  • MEMS, Financial Engineering and any other field - Prof. Bhaskar Choubey