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Venesa Watson, M. Sc.




  • Venesa Watson, Edita Bajramovic, Xinxin Lou and Karl Waedt, “Example of Graded and Lifecycle Phase-Specific Security Controls for Nuclear I&C and EPS Use Cases” ICONE 2018, London, England (UK)


  • Venesa Watson, Asmaa Tellabi, Jochen Sassmannshausen and Xinxin Lou, "Interoperability and Security Challenges of Industrie 4.0", INFORMATIK 2017, p. 973-986. Chemnitz, Germany, Sep 25-29, 2017. [Link]
  • Venesa Watson, Xinxin Lou, Yuan Gao “A Review of PROFIBUS Protocol Vulnerabilities - Considerations for Implementing Authentication and Authorization Controls”, SECRYPT 2017, p. 444-449. Madrid, Spain.
  • Champigny, Sebastien; Gupta, Deeksha; Watson, Venesa; Waedt, Karl, “Cyber security in nuclear power plants and its portability to other industrial infrastructures”, Atw. Internationale Zeitschrift fuer Kernenergie; v. 62(6); p. 396-402