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Study Focus: Visual Computing

The term visual computing comprises all computer science disciplines handling with images and 3D models, i.e. computer graphics, image processing, visualization, computer vision, virtual und augmented reality, video processing. Further related fields are pattern recognition, human computer interaction and machine learning. Visual computing systems deal with one or more of the following aspect: Acquisition, processing and analysis of visual information, e.g. in form of images and videos, but also originating from medical image acquisition technologies, and rendering of visual information, e.g. the generation of images from visual or other data. Application areas include but are not restricted to quality control, medical image processing and visualization, autonomous robotics, multimedia systems, movie and television industries, and computer games.

For the study focus visual computing, the following specialized modules are offered (5 ECTS each). In Total 45 ECTS have to be selected.

  • Mandatory Courses: The following bilingual courses are mandatory for the focal area VC (5 ECTS each, in Total 25 ECTS):
    • Computer Graphics III
    • Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging
    • Statistic Learning Theory
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Numerical Foundations in Simulation
    • Alternative to this course either of the following German courses can be taken (please note that "Numerik I" has 10 i. e., taking this course reduces the ECTS-workload for the optional courses to 15 ECTS:
    • Numerik I (course provided by the Department for Mathematics)
    • Einführung in numerische Methoden und FEM (5 ECTS, course provided by the Department for Mechanical Engineering)
  • Optional Courses: Out of the following options courses with in total 20 ECTS have to be selected:
    • Bilingual Courses(5ECTS each):
      • Scientific Visualization
      • Computer Graphics IV
      • Virtual Reality
      • Machine Vision
    • In addition,the following (non-compulsory) German courses are offered (5 ECTS each):
      • Digital Image Processing II
      • Distributed Computing
      • Client-Server Programming