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Electrical Machines and Power Electronics

Electrical Machines and Power Electronics


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Pacas



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Description and Content

The lecture is held in english language.

This course builds the fundament for the course "Actorics" and introduces the most important chapters of electrical machines and power electronics. The students get acquainted with the steady state behavior of electrical machines in industrial and mechatronic applications and with the power electronics circuits used in the control of machines and in switched power supplies.

After this course the students have the background for the understanding of drives and actuators that include electrical machines and power electronics.

The students acquire the basic skills for the calculation of the steady state behavior of converters and machines and their simulation.

  • Power Electronics
  • Overview of power semiconductors switches
  • DC-DC converters
  • Power supplies
  • DC-AC converters
  • Line frequency AC-DC converters
  • Electrical Machines
  • Electrical machines and mechatronics
  • DC machines
  • Induction machines
  • PM-Synchronous machines
Exercises and simulation sessions are part of this course.


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