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Student research projects, Bachelor, Master or Diploma theses

Information about Student Research Projects (e.g. Studienarbeit) and Final Theses

Please take note of the following hints about doing Student Research Projects or Final Theses at our institute

  1. In general, we assign topics that cover both theoretical/scientific as well as practical aspects.
  2. The main emphasis of the work is based on the defined/chosen topic!
  3. We get a lot of requests at the moment. Because of capacity limitations we cannot always accept any new request in addition to the already running ones. Please understand that we may have to delay or reject your request.

Requesting a topic

When requesting or enquiring a topic via email, please include the following points in your request. That way it is easier for us to estimate which kind of Student Research Project or Final Thesis you are looking for and we can give you a better answer:
  1. Why do you want to do your project/thesis at our institute?
  2. Which research topics of our institute are you interested in either generally or specifically for your project/thesis?
  3. What practical implementation/programming experience do you have? (Note: Your skills do not have to be perfect yet!)
  4. Which other technologies would you like to learn?
  5. If you already took courses at our institute (e.g. lectures, seminar, project group), which ones did you take?
Based on this information we would invite you to a meeting about a possible topic where further details could be discussed.

Initial research after selecting a topic

After choosing a concrete topic, we would ask you to create a small exposé consisting of:
  1. 1-2 page summary of the topic in your own words to improve the shared understanding of the topic
  2. Basic table of contents (just a draft)
  3. At least 5 already identified literature references which you want to use to get into the topic.
  4. Small project plan for your research project/thesis

Different topics in knowledge management discipline with different focuses and the respective contact persons.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Holland

E-Mail: alex{at}informatik.uni-siegen.de

Current focuses:
  • Knowledge Management in SMEs
  • Organizational knowledge and knowledge intensive processes
Announced Topics:

Dr. Christian Weber

E-Mail: christian.weber{at}uni-siegen.de

Current focuses:
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Semantic Technologies
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Cyber-physical Systems and Industry 4.0 Applications
Announced Topics

Dr.-Ing. Johannes Zenkert

E-Mail: johannes.zenkert{at}uni-siegen.de

Current focuses:
  • Text Mining: Sentiment Analysis and Topic Detection
  • Extraction, Analysis and Visualization of unstructured data
Announced topics:

M.Sc. Hasan Abu Rasheed

E-Mail: hasan.abu.rasheed{at}uni-siegen.de

Current focuses:
  • Explainable Decision Support (Recommender Systems)
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Conversational AI
  • Text and Multimodal Data Mining
Announced Topics:
  • On request