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Examination Office Mechatronics


  • Please have also a look at our general announcements on the Homepage!

  • 2 Apr 2019

    Please read the information letter regarding general exam procedures from the examination office carefully.

  • Examination papers can be submitted during the office hours (Tuesday and Thursday) and additionally on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 to 11:00.


  • For the first exam registration new mechatronics students have to complete personal form (in case of problems please save the document first and then open it) including photo, curriculum vitae and legally attested copy of educational certificate. (Please note that entries on the personal form should be typed! The signed form has to be handed over personally during our office hours)

Please note: A registration for examination is only possible after submission of the personal form with enclosures.

Data control in unisono

Examination regulations / Module manuals

Uniform regulations for all study programmes

Examination regulations

Module manual

Registration for examinations in Mechatronics

  1. Written examinations
    The registration for the written exams should be done through unisono from 15th of May up to and including 30th of June 2019. Should you face any technical problem while getting registered for an exam in unisono please contact the examination office immediately. The deadline for such cases is 1st of July 2019!

  2. Free attempts have to be registered in the examination office from 15th of May up to and including 30th of June 2019 personally. This time frame is also valid for the registration of free attempts in written exams held by other faculties or departments.

  3. Oral exam registration
    Please sign up for an oral exam through unisono at least one week before the exam and after that agree on an appointment with the responsible examiner. Please inform the examiner in case of a third attempt!

  4. Oral exams in supplement (extension exams)
    In case of either a failed first written subject exam or a failed written repeated subject exam students have the opportunity to take an oral exam in supplement, which should be normally held within 4 weeks after the disclosure of the grades for the respective written exam. A successful oral exam in supplement can be assessed with a grade 4,0 "adequate" only.
    Examination office will inform both students and the responsible examiners about an opportunity of an oral exam in supplement.

Withdrawal due to Medical Condition (Please save form first.)

Registration form for exams which can't be registered through unisono (not for oral exams)

Project Work / Master Thesis

Project Work (Studienarbeit § 11)

The necessary condition to apply for a master thesis is, that the candidate has earned at least 80 credit points in the master's exams. In addition the student cannot apply if he/she has to go for the last (third) attempt in any subject exam.

Theses registration form has to be filled out and signed by both student and supervisor and has to be submitted to the examination office. Master thesis must be completed within 6 months regularly.
Two hard copies (also a digital copy in case there are any additional data which cannot be printed out) of a thesis have to be submitted to the examination office at due time. A reasoned extension request of the thesis must be submitted in a written form by the student including an agreement of the supervisor at least 2 weeks before deadline. This request does not mean that the extension is automatically approved. Approval will be done case by case by the head of the examination office.

Registration for Master Thesis

Visa issues / Foreigners' registration office

Should you need any confirmation for your appointment at the foreigners' registration office or if you have any questions related to visa issues please contact the examination office early enough.
Foreigners' registration office of the city Siegen offers consultation hours each second Wednesday monthly from 10:00 to 12:00 a.m. at AR Campus, Building SSC, room number 121.