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Frequently asked questions / problems

Where do I find information for planning my studies?

(How does Corona influence the regular studiy period?

  • For students enrolled in Siegen in the summer semester 2020, in the winter semester 2020/2021, in the summer semester 2021, and/or in the winter semester 2021/2022, the standard period of study will be increased by one semester for each of these semesters (§ 10 paragraph 1 of the Corona Epidemic University Ordinance issued by the State of NRW).

Who can I turn to if I have doubts about my studies?

  • There may always be situations in the course of your studies when you have doubts about your continuation of studies. In such cases, please take advantage of the services offered by our Central Student Advisory Service with the possibility of individual discussions, workshops and information events!

Is there any support for international students in dealing with problems of everyday life?

  • The university's project "Stronger Together" supports international students in dealing with the difficulties of everyday life in Germany. There are weekly meetings, information on the German health care system, and more...

PDF-File won't open

  • If you have problems opening the PDF forms, please try the program "Master PDF Editor"

I cannot register in unisono!

  • The registration in unisono is only enabled during the exam registration period.

  • The mentor approval has not been submitted yet.

I have not registered in unisono before the deadline!

  • Unfortunately, we cannot register anyone after the deadline in case of a late registration. We need reliable numbers for room bookings at a certain point in time. If we were to make an exception, we would have to admit all latecomers as part of equal treatment. That, in turn, would make room bookings obsolete and lead to chaos

Can't you make an exception?

  • The examination offices are bound by the regulations. In certain individual cases (cases of hardship), exceptions are possible. However, written applications to the examination board are necessary for this in all cases.

But I did not know that!

  • You are obliged to inform yourself independently and continuously about the requirements of the examination regulations as well as implementation regulations and in particular dates and deadlines. This also applies to announcements, notices etc. of the examination office on our homepage or on the notice board.

  • Unfortunately, lack of knowledge is no reason for exceptions.

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