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Apply for our study programs

Bachelor's degree programs

No application is required for a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or computer science. You can enroll directly in the program via our enrollment portal.

Master's degree programs

You can be admitted to a master's program in electrical engineering, computer science or mechatronics if you have a relevant professional university degree or an equivalent first professional degree. These can be, for example: Bachelor of Science, Diploma (University of Applied Sciences) or Diploma in the short-term study program of a Comprehensive University (D1). Admission to the Master's program is decided by the examination board.

The application procedure is different for "Bildungsinländer", i.e. for applicants who have acquired their university entrance qualification in Germany (except for Studienkollegs), and for foreign students ("Bildungsausländer"):

  • If you are a "Bildungsinländer" and have obtained your Bachelor's degree at the University of Siegen, you can transfer directly to the Master's program at the Registrar's Office. Students of computer science please send a message about the desired specialization to the Examination Office by e-mail beforehand.
  • If you are a "Bildungsinländer" and have studied at another university, you can simply apply to us using this application form (if the document is not displayed, please save it first and open it with the desktop app).
  • If you are a foreign student and want to do your studies in German, you will find all the necessary information for applying on this page.
  • If you are a foreign student and want to study in English, please apply via our application portal. You can find more information on English-language programs here: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechatronics.