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Examination office of the department of electrical engineering and computer science

Welcome to the website of the examination office of the department ETI

Our tasks:

  • Advising students in examination matters

  • Registration for free attempts

  • Processing of mentor approvals

  • Registration of theses

  • Processing of withdrawals


  • Students can register for oral examinations in the summer semester 2020 from the last week of March onwards

  • 19 Feb 2020

    The examination dates for Wintersemester 2019/20 are updated (Version IX) (Changes in Red!).

  • Please note the important information regarding the examination office Mechatronics!

  • Restricted opening hours in the examination offices for electrical engineering and computer science in the period from 02.03.2020 to 13.03.2020:

    The examination office for computer science is closed from 02.03.2020 to 13.03.2020. Representation in urgent cases: Electrical engineering examination office.

    The Electrical Engineering Examination Office will be closed on Tuesday, 10.03.2020 and Wednesday, 11.03.2020 and on Fridays, 13.02.2020 and 20.03.2020. On these days you can send your final papers by post to the Examination Office.

  • Posting: Final offer of examinations

  • If you have problems opening the PDF forms, please try the program "Master PDF Editor"

Final certificates

We kindly ask the students to apply (per e-mail or personally) for their final documents in the responsible examination office.