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Examination office of the department of electrical engineering and computer science

Welcome to the website of the examination office of the department ETI

Our tasks:

  • Advising students in examination matters

  • Registration for free attempts

  • Processing of mentor approvals

  • Registration of theses

  • Processing of withdrawals


  • 28.05.2020    The dates and times for the written exams postponed from the Winter term 2019/20 are now fixed. (Rooms have changed!)

  • 30.04.2020    Please note the information on examination matters for the Summer term 2020 (Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics)

  • 30.04.2020   Starting May 4th, you can register in unisono for the catch-up exams of the Winter term 19/20! The registration deadline is May 17th! A sanction-free cancellation is also possible in unisono up to one day before the exam.

  • 16.03.2020   From now on, the examination office can be contacted only via e-mail!

  • 07.05.2020   Information on the examination process in the Department ETI

    • For information regarding the on-site provision of learning achievements or examinations,please refer to the Corona website of the university!

    • Bachelor and Master theses as well as  student research projects must nevertheless be submitted on time, whereby the deadline is extended by 4 weeks in relation to the individual deadline for submission (Please note: for theses for which admission was granted after 17.3.2020, the processing times are based on the regular deadlines of the respective examination regulations in force, i.e. there is no general extension of the deadline!). However, you must send them, as far as possible, by e-mail (see contact page, PDF format!) and by regular mail to the following address

      Universität Siegen
      Fakultät IV
      Prüfungsamt ETI
      Hölderlinstr. 3
      57068 Siegen

      You must enclose a written signed declaration in accordance with § 39 of the Uniform Regulations that you have written your work independently - in the case of group work, your appropriately marked share of the work - and have not used any sources or aids other than those indicated, and that you have marked quotations.

      If submission by mail is not possible, e.g. because quarantine has been ordered, it is sufficient for the time being to submit the paper by e-mail as a PDF. As soon as it is possible, the printed bound versions as well as the above mentioned declaration must be submitted subsequently.

  • Important Information regarding examinations:


  • Please note the important information regarding the examination office Mechatronics!

  • If you have problems opening the PDF forms, please try the program "Master PDF Editor"

Final certificates

As soon as you have achieved the required full number of credit points please contact the responsible examination office and apply for the final certificates per e-mail.

The e-mail addresses are:

  • Pruefungsamt-et@uni-siegen.de
  • Pruefungsamt-inf@uni-siegen.de
  • Pruefungsamt.mechatronics@uni-siegen.de

Please check all the data regarding your personal information (name, surname, birthday and so on) and the title of the master or bachelor thesis and project work (both in German and English language) in your unisono account beforehand.