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  • The team of Ubiquitous Computing

  • Low-power activity logging with a custom wristwatch

  • Sensing cognitive load in minimal invasive surgery

  • Sleep detection at home

  • Train track monitoring with wireless sensor nodes

  • Grasp and in-hand object detection

  • Intelligent cigarette lighters for monitoring smoking habits

  • Testbeds for wireless sensor networks

You have reached the website of the Ubiquitous Computing group, part of the School for Science and Technology at the University of Siegen in Germany.

Our research targets an emerging generation of small and embedded computing systems that are equipped with basic processing and sensing modules, thus enabling them to detect, monitor, react on, and learn phenomena around them. We are particularly interested in obtaining multiple simple (and as a result more challenging to use) sensor signals within low-power devices, rather than solutions that focus on few high-quality signals that tend to be more expensive, complex, and/or fragile.

The focus lies especially in the learning algorithms and software models that need to be built on these small computer units, in order to process and characterize the sensors' output, although we also tend to design and build custom sensor hardware ourselves for these systems as well.