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Fields of Activity and Research

  • Communications and Information Security for

    • Smart Grids, Micro Smart Grids, Energy Distribution Networks, Control Stations and Substations, SCADA, Protocols: IEC 61850, IEC 63251
    • Industry 4.0, Future Automation and Process Control, Protocols: OPC/UA, IEC 62443
    • Research Subject: ASAC (Attribute based Authorization and Access Control), Ultimate End-to-End Security
    • Contact: Prof. Dr. Ruland , J. Sassmannshausen
  • Verification of Broadcast Time Signals and Time Telegrams

  • Localization of Small Subjects

  • Robust and Secure Data Transmission, Combination of Channel- and Source Coding with Cryptography

  • Cognitive Networks and Cognitive Methods in Data Communications

  • Security for Realtime Oriented Data Transmission Systems, e.g. Ethernet Based

List of Theses

The List of finished theses can be found here.