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Chair for Data Communications Systems

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christoph Ruland

Looking as a student as a Spanish teacher!

The Faculty of Science and Technology honors Prof. Dr. Christoph Ruland

The Faculty of Science and Technology honors Prof. Dr. Christoph Ruland

In the last faculty council meeting of the year a not everyday agenda item could be called. The dean honored Prof. Dr. Christoph Ruland on his 40th anniversary of service. During the ceremonial presentation of the certificate, Prof. Dr. Holger Schönherr thanked the jubilarian on behalf of the faculty in particular for more than 30 years of loyal service and fulfillment of duty in the context of his teaching and research activities as a professor of communications engineering with a focus on communications transmission technology. In his words of thanks, Prof. Ruland also addressed a few words to the Faculty Council. He enjoyed his time as a university lecturer in Faculty IV very much and described being a professor as the "best job in the world". Independence and freedom in research and teaching are priceless, he said, and projects would enhance that freedom. He wished the faculty members all the best for the future and much joy in their work.

Prof. Ruland happens to meet his former doctoral student Dr.-Ing. Ayemele

Christoph und Felix Ruland, Frau und Romeo Ayemele

On his way from the Crypto 22 conference in Santa Barbara to the Los Angeles airport on 8/18/2022, Prof. Ruland happens to meet his former PhD student Dr.Ing. Romeo Djeujo Ayemele in front of the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. What a joy and surprise!


The Chair of Digital Communication Systems has presented the project GEMIMEG-II at the Days of Digital Technologies (TddT) on 29.08.2022 + 30.08.2022 at the Congress Center in Berlin. A demo application was shown, which supports the allocation of identities to devices in an interactive way.

IEC 15118 V2V Charging

Concept for "Smart phone controlled electricity transfer between Electric Vehicles". See document here.


Hot Topic Master Thesis available

Subject: Installation of 5G-Standalone Communication for Industrial Applications (Smart Manufacturing)

Start date: immediately