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Examination Office Computer Science


  • The Computer Science Examination Office will be closed from 07.09. - 22.09.2023. Substitution in important cases: Examination Office Electrical Engineering.
  • Students who have failed an examination during the "corona semesters" may, in the case of a final failure, be granted another examination attempt upon application. The exact requirements can be found in the Third Amendment of the Framework Examination Regulations.
    For students of the "old" examination regulations (2012), a corresponding regulation is in preparation.
Examination Regulations / Module Handbooks / Study Plans FPO 2021
Applies to all students that started their studies in/after winter term 21/22.

Study Program Brochure for the Bachelor of Computer Science (in German)

The study program brochure for the Bachelor's program in Computer Science presents the structure of the program in detail, provides assistance in choosing a field of specialization, contains exemplary study plans and descriptions of the content of all modules, and gives an overview of important organizational regulations in the program.

Study plans

The study plans are only recommendations. If you are in doubt, please contact your mentor.

Subject Examination Regulations (including module handbook, in German)

General Examination Regulations for all study programmes (in German)

Examination Regulations / Module Handbooks / Study Plans PO 2012
Applies to all students that started their studies before winter term 21/22.

Study plans

The study plans are only recommendations. If you are in doubt, please contact your mentor.

Module manual

Examination regulations

Uniform regulations for all study programmes

Mentor's approval

Before you can register for an examination or course work in an elective module, you need the approval of your mentor for your module selection. For more information on this, especially the deadlines, see "Examinations: Deadlines". You can find a list of mentors and the necessary forms in our Forms section.

Information on Changing the Examination Regulations (PO 2012 --> FPO 2021)

Validity of the old Examination Regulations (PO 2012)

Please note that the old examination regulations from 2012 will expire in the foreseeable future and you will have to complete your studies by then or change to the new subject-specific examination regulations of 2021:

  • Bachelor Computer Science: until September 30, 2025
  • Bachelor Dual Study Computer Science: until March 31, 2026 
  • Master Computer Science: until March 31, 2024

Change of examination regulations (from PO 2012 to FPO 2021)

Students of the old PO 2012 can transfer to the studies according to the new subject-specific examination regulations 2021 at the beginning of each semester at the International Office (Study Secretariat), if they wish to do so. It can be advantageous to switch if you are still at the beginning of your studies and/or have not yet achieved many credit points.

Due to the changed structure of the study program, you should in any case check beforehand to what extent your already completed credits will be automatically transferred or can be recognized upon application. Please refer to the relevant applications for recognition for the Bachelor's- and Master's programs, which must be submitted to the Examination Office.

Please note that when transferring to the new Master's program, you must first submit an informal application to the Examination Office indicating your chosen specialization.

Some important formal differences between PO 2012 and FPO 2021 (without guarantee of completeness!)

  • The FPO 2021 no longer allows a completely free choice of specialization, but only four fixed specialization areas. The need for mentor approvals is thereby eliminated.
    In the Bachelor's program, the specialization must be selected at the latest with the first registration of a study performance or examination in the specialization area. The choice is made via the campus management system unisono, usually after the third or fourth semester. It can be changed once upon request.
    In the Master's program, the specialization must already be selected with the application / enrollment.
  • The FPO 2021 also allows compulsory courses in English in the Bachelor and in the Master. It is possible to study the Master completely in English.
  • In contrast to the PO 2012, the FPO 2021 provides for certain compensation options for elective modules from the specialization that are ultimately not passed (maximum of two choices of another module; if necessary, one change of specialization; §10(4) FPO-B or FPO-M).
  • The deadline for withdrawing from exams due to illness or other compelling reasons is three working days after the exam in FPO 2021 (§18(3) of the Framework Examination Regulations). In PO 2012 it was five working days (§25(2) of the Uniform Regulations).
  • According to the FPO 2021, a free attempt for an examination is no longer possible if the examination has already been repeated regularly (due to non-passing) (§10a of the FPO-B or FPO-M).
  • The processing time for final theses in the FPO 2021 is 18 weeks (Bachelor) or 26 weeks (Master), instead of 4 or 6 months in the PO 2012.
    In the FPO 2021, a colloquium (20 min. talk + discussion) is mandatory for the final thesis, whose result is included in the grade by 25%.
Information for New Students


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