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Examination office computer science


  • Please have also a look at our general announcements on the Homepage!

  • Here you find the slides of the introduction for international Computer Science Master students.

Information on examination matters

  1. Examination registration

    All academic achievements, excluding theses and improvements, should be registered through unisono.
    It is important to get registered for each exam, each academic achievement and each exam prerequisite (please see no. 6) through unisono in good time. Exam prerequisites can be found in unisono under the number of the relevant exam-SL; for example, 803030-SL. It might be helpful to make screenshots of the messages (for example of the registration confirmation or errors) while signing in through unisono. These registrations should be done separately from the registrations for the respective lectures. It means that a registration for a lecture is not a requirement for an exam. Study credits can be only booked provided an online registration has been done and a respective mentor’s approval has been submitted in time.

  2. Registration for written exams

    Registration for written exams should be done through unisono from June, 29th 2020 up to and including July, 15th 2020. Should you face any technical problems with the registration please contact the responsible examination office immediately on the next working day.

    Improvements for the written exams held by the Department Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and also by other departments or faculties have to be registered during the above mentioned registration period in the responsible examination office personally.

  3. Registration for oral exams

    Registration for oral exams has to be done online through unisono seven days prior to the date of the relevant exam at the latest! After the online registration students should contact the responsible examiner in order to agree on an appointment.
    In case of the third attempt the registration should be done in the examination office personally (please see no. 9)!
    Improvements in oral exams should be done within 6 months after the last attempt and should be registered in the examination office personally.

  4. Deregistration of oral exams / project groups

    Please make sure that you get deregistered from oral exams / project groups through unisono in case if these exams shall take place in the next term and not in the current term. Otherwise you shall not be able to get registered for the required term.

  5. Mentor’s approval

    In order to be able to register for an exam out of a core subject block or a specialization block you have to submit the respective mentor’s approval in the examination office. It should be filled out and signed by both a mentor and a student. Further information and the forms can be found on the homepage of the examination office Computer Science: the list of mentors in Computer Science and mentor’s approval. The next deadline for the submission of the mentor’s approvals is on June, 18th 2020.

  6. Exam prerequisites

    Please ask the responsible teachers at the beginning of each term whether there are any certain exam prerequisites (Prüfungsvorleistungen). It is necessary to get registered for the exam prerequisites through unisono in good time. The registration deadlines shall be set by the responsible examiners. In case you have not delivered an exam prerequisite while getting registered for the relevant exam, you shall be admitted to this exam conditionally. It means you can take the exam only after you have delivered the relevant exam prerequisite.

  7. Seminars, student placements and project groups

    The registration should be done through unisono from November, 1st 2019 up to and including January, 22nd 2020.

  8. Theses

    According to § 36 section 4 of the General Rules for exams in the degree courses of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Siegen bachelor theses cannot be Seite 3 von 3 awarded until the candidate has earned at least 120 credit points in the bachelor’s exam and has only one attempt left in any subject exam. Master theses cannot be awarded until the candidate has earned at least 60 credit points in the master‘s exam and has only on attempt left in any subject exam.

    The registration form should be filled out on a PC, singed by both the examiner and the candidate and submitted to the responsible examination office promptly.
    The regular timeframe for the completion of a bachelor thesis is 4 months and of a master thesis is 6 months. Two copies (if necessary in a digital form as well) of a thesis should be submitted to the examination office prior to the submission deadline personally.

    Overview of the first and second examiners for computer science

  9. Third attempts

    According to § 26 section 1 „Resitting subject exams“ of the General Rules for exams a third exam attempt is permissible in the form of an oral exam.
    Third attempts can be only registered in the responsible examination office personally. Please inform both the examiner and the examination office in case of a third attempt. Please fill the registration form out, sign it (both the student and the chair) and submit it to the examination office personally.

  10. Additional obligatory exams for Master study courses

    Additional obligatory exams have to be taken at the beginning of studies. 4 subject exams can be done meanwhile. The fifth subject exam can be only registered provided all additionally required exams have been successfully passed.
    Additional obligatory exams have to be registered through unisono. In case of any technical problems please contact the responsible examination office.

  11. Deregistration / Withdrawal with a medical certificate

    A regular deregistration through unisono is permissible 1 week prior to the date of the relevant exam, whereat it is important to consider the exact time of the beginning of the exam. It means if an exam starts on the 8th of March at 9:00 a.m. you are allowed to deregister through unisono on the first of March until 8:59 a.m. at the latest.
    In case of an illness students have to provide the examination office with the original medical certificate along with the deregistration form within 5 working days after the date of the missed exam.

  12. Additional modules

    According to § 18 of the General Rules for exams modules to which the following applies in the respective degree course variants can be selected as an add-on module:

    • They are not a mandatory module and
    • They cannot be selected in an elective compulsory subject block in which the necessary number of credit points have not yet been acquired.

    Additional modules can only be taken after 45 credit points have been acquired in the specialization block. Furthermore, additional modules cannot be added or exchanged in the compulsory subject block post hoc.

Examination regulations / Module manuals / Study plans

Uniform regulations for all study programmes

Examination regulations

Module manual

Study plans

The study plans are only recommendations. If you are in doubt, please contact your mentor.