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Examination office computer science


  • New examination regulations apply to all students who start their studies in the winter semester 2021/22! More information will be provided soon (until then, you may want to look at the German version of this page and use a translator)!

    If you have already started your studies before the winter semester 2021/22, you will remain in the examination regulations 2012. However, please note below that there are major changes in the module catalogues! Please visit your mentor to change the mentor's approval, if necessary.

    Students studying according to the rgulations of 2012 can transfer to the studies according to the new examination regulations 2021 at the beginning of each semester at the International Office (Study Secretariat), if they wish to do so. Due to the changed structure of the study program, you should in any case check beforehand to what extent your already completed work will be automatically transferred or can be recognized upon application. Please refer to the relevant application forms for the recognition of courses for the Bachelor's and the Master's program, which must be submitted to the Examination Office.

  • Please pay attention to the information concerning examination matters in the Winter term 2021/2022

  • Changed Examination forms in the Winter term 2021/2022

  • Admission as first examiner in computer science

  • Please have also a look at our general announcements on the Homepage!

  • Here you find the slides of the introduction for international Computer Science Master students.

Documents and Information related to the Examination Regulations 2012
(Examination regulations / Module handbook / Study plans / Mentor's approval)

Uniform regulations for all study programmes

Examination regulations

Module manual

Study plans

The study plans are only recommendations. If you are in doubt, please contact your mentor.

Mentor's approval

Before you can register for an examination or course work in an elective module, you need the approval of your mentor for your module selection. For more information on this, especially the deadlines, see "Examinations: Deadlines". You can find a list of mentors and the necessary forms in our Forms section.

Documents and Information related to the Examination Regulations 2021
(Examination regulations including module handbook / Study plans)