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Examination matters

Registration for written exams

Registration for written exams runs in summer semester online from June, 15-06-2022 until 14 days before the respective exam date.

In PO 2012, registration is only possible for core and elective subjects if a mentor approval has been obtained. The deadline for submission is June, 10-06-2022.

Please note different deadlines if the examinations are organized by other departments or faculties. Information about this can be found at the responsible examination office of the faculty.

The mentioned deadlines are hard; a registration after the deadline is only possible in justified cases of hardship by a written application to the examination board!

Registration for oral examinations

Registration for oral examinations (online registration in unisono and subsequent coordination of an appointment with the examiner) must take place at least one week before the examination date (better well in advance!). For third attempts, registration must take place at least two weeks before the examination date via the examination office.

Important: Registered oral examinations or preliminary examinations or course work that will no longer take place in the registered semester must be deregistered no later than 8 days before the end of the semester - 22-09-2022. Registrations for examinations, preliminary examinations and course work that are not taken will not be carried over to the following semester and it will no longer be possible to deregister or re-register. You will automatically be given an NE (for graded achievements this means a 5.0).

Withdrawal / sick leave

 A regular withdrawal is possible in unisono up to 7 days before the exam.

In case of illness, the following applies: A withdrawal (please use the withdrawal form form for this purpose) must be submitted to the examination office in writing or by e-mail as a PDF within 3 working days (FPO 2021) or 5 working days (PO 2012) after the examination together with the medical certificate or certificate of incapacity for work; do not send the sick note to the examiner's chair. (If submitted by mail, the postmark will apply).