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Algorithmic Model Theory Meeting 2016

3-4 March 2016, Siegen


Workshop Venue

The meeting will take place at the Artur-Woll-Haus in Siegen.
Address: Am Eichenhang 50, 57076 Siegen






If you plan to attend AlMoTh 2016, please register by February 10, 2016, by sending an email to lohrey@eti.uni-siegen.de with "AlMoTh 2016 Registration" in the subject. If you register, we know that we should prepare a name tag for you and reserve a seat for you at the AlMoTh dinner.


If you plan to give a talk AlMoTh 2016 (approx. 30 minutes), please send an email by February 10, 2016, with the title and a short abstract to lohrey@eti.uni-siegen.de.


We have reserved a contingent of 40 rooms at the hotel Ramada Siegen at 78€ per night per person and a contingent of ten rooms at the hotel Berghotel Johanneshöhe at 58/63/68 € (single room/double room/premium single w/ balcony and mountain view). Breakfast is included for both hotels. The rooms are reserved until 28 January (Ramada) resp. 21 January (Johanneshöhe) and can be claimed under the code word "AlMoTh".

Getting there and away

The Bus C111 conveniently connects all main points. A timetable can be found here.
From the main station (Siegen): Use the bus stop Siegen ZOB.
From the station Siegen-Weidenau: Use the bus stop Weidenau ZOB.
From the Hotel Ramada: Use the bus stop Kaisergarten.
From the Hotel Johanneshöhe: Use the bus stop Ypernstraße.
The name of the stop at the venue is Am Eichenhang.

The train station "Siegen-Weidenau" is closer to the venue. So if you are going to arrive from Hagen/Essen we recommend getting off the train there.
Walking is about 40 minutes from the main station and about 15 minutes from Siegen-Weidenau. Feel free to do so, yet be prepared for an uphill battle towards the end.
The taxi company "Funktaxi Siegen" offers fixed price rates for the different commutes: 11€ for Ramada to the venue (or vice versa), 21€ for Johanneshöhe to the venue(or vice versa) and 7€ for train station Siegen-Weidenau to the venue.


As there are no restaurants close to the venue, you might have lunch at the station at Siegen before coming to the meeting (if you arrive at Siegen main station). Here are some options:

The Mensa Adolf-Reichwein-Strasse is about 15 minutes walking distance from the workshop venue. Right at the mensa you can find the Restaurant Ars Mundi, which can be recommended.


A joint dinner will take place at the Brasserie Siegen in the historic center of the town.

Mailing List

News about the 2016 meeting will appear on this web site and announced on a mailing list. If you are currently not on the las-almoth mailing list, you can find general information here.


Questions about AlMoTh 2016 can be directed to Markus Lohrey