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Introduction to Programming -- Lecture

This is an introductory course on the basic concepts of computer programming with a focus on object oriented programming using C++. Students have to do programming assignments throughout the course. At the end of the term, a written exam tests the more theoretical aspects of the course. Programming assignments and written exam contribute 50% each to the overall grade.


Size: 2 hrs lecture + 2 hrs exercises (5LP)
Lecture: Thu. 8:15-10:00, this semester virtual
Exercises: Fri. 10:00-12:00, this semester virtual
Lehrperson(e): Kristof Van Laerhoven, Jochen Kempfle
UniSono Nr.: Lecture 43UCO1114V, Exercises 43UCO1115V
Moodle: IntroProgramming

Youtube channel

The best way to learn programming is by doing or watching someone code. The lecture therefore contains a lot of live programming examples, which I tend to put online: I2P playlist


0. Organization
Organisation, overview of lecture
1. Introduction
Concepts of object-oriented programming
2. Data: Variables, Types, Constants
Variables, Types, Declarations, and Constants
3. Statements
Expressions, Input/Output, the if statement
4. Functions
Functions, parameters, recursive functions, modules, debuggers and make
5. More statements
the switch statement, loops, assertions
6. Data Structures
Arrays, Structures, Classes, strings, File I/O
7. Pointers and Memory Allocation
Pointers, allocation, heap objects, garbage collection, references
8. More on Objects and Classes
Initializing member variables, copy constructors
9. Inheritance and Polymorphism
Inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes
10. Exception handling
Error handling and exceptions, try-catch
11. Container Classes
Stacks, queues
12. Template Classes
Templates, C++ STL

Exercise Material and Schedule:

please see the Moodle website: There you will find all assignments and the example code written during the lectures.