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Bachelor and Master theses as well as student research projects must nevertheless be submitted on time, whereby the deadline is extended by 4 weeks in relation to the individual deadline for submission (Please note: for theses for which admission was granted after 19.3.2020, the processing times are based on the regular deadlines of the respective examination regulations in force, i.e. there is no general extension of the deadline!). However, you must send them, as far as possible, by e-mail (see contact page, PDF format!) and by regular mail to the following address:

Universität Siegen
Fakultät IV
Prüfungsamt ETI
Hölderlinstr. 3
57076 Siegen

You must enclose a written signed declaration in accordance with § 39 of the Uniform Regulations in your thesis that you have written your work independently - in the case of group work, your appropriately marked share of the work - and have not used any sources or aids other than those indicated, and that you have marked quotations.

If submission by mail is not possible, e.g. because quarantine has been ordered, it is sufficient for the time being to submit the paper by e-mail as a PDF. As soon as it is possible, the printed bound versions as well as the above mentioned declaration must be submitted subsequently.

Admission as first examiner in computer science