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Automation and Industrial Communication

Automation and Industrial Communication


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Schröder


Beschreibung und Inhalte

First the principles of runtime and application software are explained. The basic elements of the usual programming languages are explained. Then the interfaces to the process and to the other automation devices will be explained. This covers digital and analog signals, A/D- and D/A-conversion, absolute and incremental encoders, and field bus systems.

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of industrial automation
  • Software of PLCs
  • Interfaces to the process and between automation devices



  • Dunning, G.: Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers, 2nd edition, Delmar Learning
  • Hackworth, J. & F.: Programmable Logic Controllers, Pearson Education
  • Schröder, G.: Automation and Industrial Communication, available at Moodle



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