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The optical movement sensor is optimally suited for analyzing, recording and the evaluation of odometrical data in the range of indoor and outdoor mobile robotics. The sensor provides the measurement of vehicle motion based on the ground beneath it and therefore also provides rotations, slides and drifts to be recognized. The package contains software which, in addition to reading out odometrical data and setting up sensor parameters, also allows the direct selection of images and video streams from the module for debugging purposes.
Product specification
primary electricity supply 10-35V DC
current drain of the system 350mA + 4A for illumination
interfaces CAN-Bus
protection class IP-66


The LMS-To-Ethernet node allows for convenient communication with a SICK laser measurement system from the LMS-2xx series, using the specially developed hardware and supplied software library. It is also possible to communicate directly with the hardware by using the integrated telnet server; this way the opening angle and the resolution, as well as the range of the laser measurement system can be edited directly.
Product specification
current supply 8-18V DC
current drain 100-200mA
interfaces Ethernet 100 MBit TP
RS422 500kBit
suppoted laser measurement systems Sick LMS-2xx Series
also included in delivery A C++ library, providing comfortable communication with the board by an application.


The CAN-to-UDP node is a specially developed universal CAN-bus adapter that converts CAN-Bus packets directly into UDP packets and vice versa. Except for a network card no special hardware is required in the PC.

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