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Algorithmics I (WS 2019/20)

Important news 

  • The lecture will cover the first half of the semester (2 lectures per week) from October 8 to November 22. In the second half of the semester we will offer the lecture Algorithmics II.
  • The excercise on Wednesday, November 6 is cancelled due to illness.


  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Markus Lohrey (Room H-A 7103, Tel. 0271-740-2826)
  • Lectures:
    • Tuesday, 16:00-18:00, in H-B 4419/20
    • Friday, 8:00-10:00, in H-F 112
  • Tutorials:
    • Wednesday, 12:00-14:00, in H-F 001 (Danny Hucke)

We will discuss important design principles for efficient algorithms (divide & conquer, greedy algorithms, dynamic programming) using concrete applications (e.g. sorting, graph algorithms, numerical algorithms). We will also introduce problem specific data structures (e.g. search trees, union-find data structures) and the necessary mathematical tools for analyzing algorithms.


  • Divide and Conquer
  • Greedy algorithms
  • Dynamic programming 
  • Sorting
  • Graph algorithms

Slides (from 28.11.2019)

Exercise sheets



  • Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein, Introduction to Algorithms (3. Edition). MIT Press 2009
  • Thomas Ottmann, Peter Widmayer, Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen (5. Edition). Springer 2012
  • Uwe Schöning, Algorithmik. Spektrum Akademischer Verlag 2001