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Happy Hour

Its never boring

Conducting research and that too in field of image sensors is never dull. It may be depressing sometime, but certainly never boring.

Herein, we are collecting pages which may bring a smile to your face, after all

"Research is what we all do, when we have no freaking idea what we are doing"

What Wernher von Braun meant

Talking to German professors

Our head, Prof. Choubey moved from Oxford to Germany. He had to learn quite a lot of new things. He is stil learning German. But, the real fun was learning to be a German academic. And who better to learn from his more famous colleague at Oxford Richard Dawkins.  Watch this excerpt of his conversattion in this video, but do watch till the end.

Our name

Our chair is called ACIS - who was a romantic in Greek literature. Have a look at our page on him to know more - and of course Wikipedia would be your friend for more knowledge. Our page on Acis, the Greek hero and some more on art-work dedicated to him

The circuits songs

Colleagues at TU Dresden have created a very good song on teaching you basic transistor theory. If this does not teach you common source circuits, then we are not sure what can. Well, if you can survive till the end of the song, you are a circuit designer. Enjoy the song on youtube

Must read

Herein, we are collecting a list of interesting books, comics and online material, we believe are must reads for PhD students. And dont worry, they do not have any textbooks on science and engineering. Have a look at our must read page. 


Upcoming, wait a few days for these 

Predicting the future

Professor Choubey tries to delve into Astrology from time to time. Well, not the one which talks about stars or our palm and predict if you will pass the examination. But, the one wherein he believes the engineering and society is coming to an end, as we know it. Here is a presentation of his infamous talk on this. Just beware, it may be a bit frightening. The presentation

More lines to make you smile

On a side page, is our growing collection of good lines to inspire us as well as make us smile. It all started with Prof. Choubey, then a graduate student spending 3 months trying to get the write poem for each chapter of his thesis and has now taken a life if its own.