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Worth Reading

Here is a collection of stuff, we recommend reading to our students, when they are tired of simulations, layouts and testing. There is more to life than DRC and LVS errors

PhD Comics

Who can forget the good work of  Jorge Cham, piled higher and deeper. Its a must read for all PhD student. Highly recommended, considering Prof. Choubey's all growth from a student to grumpy advisor. His current favourite


Foundation series

What is not to like in the foundation seris by  Issac Asimov. What is certainly worth reading is the first book, Foundation, which starts with a postdoc travelling to meet his supervisor for the first time. Any good library would have the book.

Semiconductor Physics - Brittney Spears Way

When Prof. Choubey started his student days, Brittney Spears was well know name - may be she still is. But, we scientists never keep track of media people.  However, Carl Hepburn had created a fantastic webpage to explain Seminconductor Physics and lasers to mere mortals using Brittney Spears and no circuits person should be without this knowledge. Enjoy this link to know more