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Acis has inspired artists over many years. The story itself has formed basis for paintings, statues and fountains. While at other times, it has formed a part of landscape attached to it.

Herein, we are listing some of the famous ones - though you are warned that  a number of them contain nudity. We are compiling a collection of ACIS in paint and clay, but are currently limited to those on Wikicommons. In due course of time, we wil also be providing on these.

If you have any artwork on Acis, we will be thankful to receive a copy.


Acis playing Flute in Parc de Versailles, by Jean-Baptiste Tuby












Acis, himself in Philip Galle










In Medici Fountain in Paris, by Auguste Ottin

In public gardens of Acireale, Sicily


Acis and Galatea in a landscape by Claude Lorrain, How Shepherd's world meets the sea


By Michel Corneille


By Pompeo Batoni


 Alexandre Charles Guillemot

 Francois Perrier

 Edouard Zier

 Nicolas Bertin

 van Schuppen