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Integration of the Leap Motion Sensor



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Dieter Kuhnert
Dipl.-Inform. Jens Schlemper

Submitted by:

Hardik Karelia


The purpose of this project focuses on the integration of the Leap Motion Sensor, which is a 3D Gesture Control device with a computer. Necessary information is obtained such as pan, tilt and yaw of the palm and the co-ordinates of the palm with respect to the position of the sensor. An intersection point of the projected ray with the plane in front of sensor is calculated. A software was developed to visualize the data of the sensor using Visual C# and 3D Graphics were realized using OpenGL Library. Also, checking the performance of the sensor in different lighting condition and placing the sensor at various different angles to review the potential of the sensor.

Leap Motion Sensor Visualizer

Leap Motion Sensor Visualizer