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Veroeffentlichungen von Daniel Koenig

Submitted papers


  1. Evaluating matrix circuits  (with Markus Lohrey)

Journal papers

  1. Knapsack and subset sum problems in nilpotent, polycyclic, and co-context-free groups (with Markus Lohrey and Georg Zetzsche)
    to appear in Contemporary Mathematics

Conference papers

  1. Parallel identity testing for skew circuits with big powers and applications (with Markus Lohrey)   
    Proceedings of MFCS 2015, LNCS 9235, pp. 445-458
    © Springer   arxiv version
  2. Evaluating matrix circuits (with Markus Lohrey)
    Proceedings of COCOON 2015, LNCS 9198, pp. 235-248
    © Springer   journal version